View some of the work we have done for previous customers

Medieval Orchard for Historic Coventry Trust
Designing, provisioning and planting an orchard of heritage fruit trees, to replace the lost medieval Carthusian monastery orchard.

Removal of eucalyptus trees on a medieval site. The trees were damaging the wall. Clearing up was also completed. A spoke person said that "The wall could be brought back to condition thanks to the expert and professional work in removal and clearing."

Humber Pub Site Clearance
The work of clearing the site was undertaken with enthusiasm, and the end result pleased everyone. In particular one comment was simply "Nice job"

Weeping Ash Trees Saved A pair of weeping Ash trees, fraxinusexcelsiorpendula, have been saved through the discovery and hard work of Allen Arboriculture.
"These were virtually irreplaceable, and would have been totally lost but for Allen Arboriculture" said a spokesperson